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Inspirit - St Thomas More Teaching School

St Thomas More Teaching School


Inspirit Teaching School and Alliance in partnerships with schools and Higher Education, is committed to the integral place of Research and Development Opportunities. The aim of the Inspirit Teaching School is to widen and impart more fully across other schools research literacy in order to secure a platform of evidence based teaching and learning.

Our aim is to provide an accessible exchange of questions and ideas to mobilise knowledge between and across schools.

Spirit of Curiosity

Within St Thomas More Teaching School we have sought to embed a spirit of curiosity and enquiry to define our learning culture. Our school rests on the premise of reflection which defines us spiritually and is an asset to the learning process. Our research initiatives foster a contextual base for research within as well as reviewing National Initiatives to support change in an ever changing learning landscape.

Partnership with University of Bedfordshire

We are indebted to the partnership with the University of Bedfordshire for working with us to develop a programme of training to share as part of the Inspirit Teaching School CPD to develop research and development as part of a systematic review model. We are committed to collaboration in research through peer to peer support both formally and informally as well as joint practice development moving towards a learning market place which shares contextual research with other schools so that this can be adapted and used as a mechanism for school improvement. 

Within a TS such as Inspirit all opportunities for School to School support form an opportunity for research, it is clear when support is deployed that the process brings clarity and reflection and enables valuable interventions to be applied elsewhere for improvement and to be owned by the TS as part of their reflective process.


At Inspirit we offer you the chance to collaborate and learn alongside our highly skilled practitioners. Be part of an outstanding school.