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Conquering Pupil Disruption

Conquering Pupil Disruption and Promoting Positive Attitudes to Learning

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The bottom line is that pupil behaviour is of concern.  In a report by Joanna Williams, Head of Education and Culture titled 'It Just Grinds You Down' published on December 17th 2018 it stated that...
"Disruptive behaviour in schools is damaging children's learning and causing an exodus from the teaching profession".
75% of teachers said that low level disruption occured frequently or very frequently in their own lessons.  72% of teachers had known a colleague that had left the profession due to poor behaviour.

Objectives of the Course 

During this fun, down to earth, no-nonsense and interactive session, delegates will be:
  • Provided with a whole toolkit of simple, practical and realistic strategies.  These can be implemented the very next day to de-escalate and diffuse any inappropriate behaviour quickly, effectively and non-confrontationally
  • Provided with a complete range of practical ideas to prevent any inappropriate behaviour occurring in the first place and creating a positive climate for learning
  • Equipped and empowered to adopt the key principles of developing outstanding behaviour, including high expectations, routines, relationships, rewards and much more
  • Leave with the tools and strategies to support pupils to have a 'can do' attitude to learning where they are independent, resilient, take risks and have a growth mindset
  • Provided with a template to ensure that good behaviour in the classroom is transferred to around school in general and in social areas
The heart of the session focuses on breaking the reliance culture on SLT and behaviour systems to deal with behaviour, by delegates looking at themselves and taking responsibility for their behaviour issues and not passing the buck.

This course is suitable for people working in all educational settings including Primary and Secondary schools and Colleges.

Sessions Dates 

8 July 2020

Time of Sessions 

9.30 - 15.30


INSPIRIT, St Thomas More Catholic TSA
Tyne Crescent, BEDFORD, MK41 7UL


There is no cost to attend this course, but early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.  Lunch and refreshments are included

Places are limited so early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

At Inspirit we offer you the chance to collaborate and learn alongside our highly skilled practitioners. Be part of an outstanding school.