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CPD for KS3 and KS4 Physics Teachers

CPD for KS3 and KS4 Physics Teachers


Objectives of the Course 

In conjunction with the Institute Of Physics, we will be running  6 workshops for KS3 & 4 Physics teachers.  The topics are:


Forces :  forces arrows, types of forces, balanced and unbalanced forces and Newton’s Laws of motion

Electricity: the use of models when teaching electricity, fault finding when teaching circuits, the use of multimeters

Energy: moving from energy types to stores. Accounting for the energy we use.

Electromagnetism ;starting with a recap of magnetism and going on to cover Motors Generators and Transformers

Waves covering Sound and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Radioactivity:  use of conventional radioactive sources, alternative low activity sources that can be used in schools and models for radioactive decay.


Sessions Dates 

18th April

27th April

3rd May

11th May

17th May

24th May


Time of Sessions 

4pm until 5:30pm


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